What is Acupuncture?

          Acupuncture is a form of medicine from East Asia that dates back over 3000 years. This comprehensive philosophy on medicine understands that pain and disease are signs that the normal flow of Qi (energy/vitality) has been blocked. Using very small, hair thin needles, inserted into various points on the body, acupuncture helps to re-balance and heal the body by smoothing and revitalizing the flow of Qi.  
           Acupuncture has been used by doctors throughout Asia to prevent and treat ailments of all kinds. Today acupuncture is used around the world and is endorsed as a viable medical treatment option by both the US National Institute of Health and the World Health Organization.

What to expect from your visit with Kari?

          Kari will  gently insert needles at specific points that help activate Qi, promoting movement of energy and supporting the natural healing process. You should not expect to feel any pain during your treatment. Kari also uses craniosacral therapy in conjunction with acupuncture. Craniosacral is a gentle type of body work focusing on releasing the fascia of the head and spine.

          The number and frequency of treatments varies for each patient. I encourage weekly sessions for 4-8 weeks and will reassess at every visit.

          Visits with Kari are 40 – 50 minutes in length for return visits. First visits are 60 minutes. Please come to your appointment wearing  comfortable clothing that allows access to forearms and below the knee.


Mae Integrative Medicine does not accept insurance. I will happily provide a superbill for you to submit for out of network coverage.

Discounts are available for Bastyr University students.

Inquire for Sliding Scale Rates if financial need exists